Cocore (코코어) -- The Korean Nirvana!

     Cocore (or Kokoeo, 코코어) is an 'underground' band from South Korea and is being referred to as one of the first indie rock bands. It's most definitely one of the more interesting ones, if not greatest ones, I've come across thus far.

     The band is formed by four (*cough* cute males) musicians, I U Seong (이우성) as the vocal lead and guitarist, Hwang Myeong Su(황명수) on guitar, Gim Jae Gwon(김재권)on bass guitar (also vocals), Jeong Ji Wan(정지완)on drums. 
     The band formed around '96. Their first album was Odor. Just by listening to the first track (아무래도, anyhow)of said album, I get this strong Nirvana feel which is epic, and on second thought it isn't even surprising since they used to cover Nirvana. They even have an album called 'Smells like Nirvana'. ;)

Album | Odor
Album | Relax

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Fanny Fink (파니핑크)

Fanny Fink formed in 2004, and is a South Korean Indie band. The group consists of three members, Yeong Bin (영빈) on guitar, Myoi (묘이) as the lead singer, and Jae Mok (재목) on guitar.
I randomly came across one of their songs from their album 7 Moments, and it really did catch my 'ear', in that sense that the female singer's dreamy voice came really to its full bloom in this melancholic song, of course the magic of the song comes across ten thousand times stronger if the lyrics are understood. I mean, "The winter air is cold, just like the tip of your finger was when it touched my cheek.." can't let you cold!
Of course I liked the whole album, but River is the most outstanding one in said album, in my opinion.
But I don't think that River is the standard music level of Fanny Fink, they have also happier songs, more rhythmical ones, with more electro effects to it, but nonetheless quite decent (I definitely fell in love with the singer's voice )
Definitely a band that should not be missed!

Album | 7 Moments
Album | Mr. Romance

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Adultchild (어른아이)

Band: Adultchild (어른아이 -- eoreun ai)
Band Members: Ryu Seung Hyeon (류승현)- Guitar, Hwang Bo Ra(황보라) - Guitar+Vocals, Hwang Jeong Hun(황정훈)- Drums
Country: South Korea, Seoul
Genre: Indie, K Pop, Rock

The South Korean trio exists since 2004, but only since 2006 did they appear on album. They're with the label Pastel Music which seems to particularly focus on bands that are out of the ordinary.
If you've watched the Korean Drama "Coffee Prince", then you'll surely remember the awesomely dreamy voice of the female lead singer.

Electronic elements peek through the dreamy and lyrical melody. And songs such as Sad Song really make your heart ache.
The band's name is not a joke as the music conveys the feeling of being in a child like dream while still being an adult, leading to an inspiring feeling of harmony between the world of a dreamy child and the realistic adult world. 
The lead singer's voice merges wonderfully with the music, as if it was an instrument itself.

Album | Dandelion
Album | B Tl B Tl 

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Loveholic (러브홀릭)

A South Korean band I came across just recently. In 2007, the female vocal lead split off and the band renamed itself Loveholics. Loveholic was composed of three members, Gang Hyeon Min, I Jae Hak, and Hwang Ji Sun (short Ji Sun). Their songs were also part of many soundtracks for KBS and MBC dramas, and one of their songs (신기루, Mirage) was also used as the ending theme for Black Blood Brothers (Japanese Anime). As Loveholic they made 5 albums (Florist, Invisible Things, Nice Dream, Re-Wind, Dramatic & Cinematic). Since I like them as Loveholic, I will have to look how the band managed without Ji Sun and will therefore check out also some of their newer albums as Loveholics. 

Their sound is tasty, dreamy and catchy, and even if you don't understand Korean at all, the sound will make up for it.

Genre: K Pop, Indie Pop, Modern Rock

Get it: 
            Album | Florist
            Album | Invisible Things
            Album | Nice Dream
Album | Re-Wind
Album | Dramatic & Cinematic

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