Cocore (코코어) -- The Korean Nirvana!

     Cocore (or Kokoeo, 코코어) is an 'underground' band from South Korea and is being referred to as one of the first indie rock bands. It's most definitely one of the more interesting ones, if not greatest ones, I've come across thus far.

     The band is formed by four (*cough* cute males) musicians, I U Seong (이우성) as the vocal lead and guitarist, Hwang Myeong Su(황명수) on guitar, Gim Jae Gwon(김재권)on bass guitar (also vocals), Jeong Ji Wan(정지완)on drums. 
     The band formed around '96. Their first album was Odor. Just by listening to the first track (아무래도, anyhow)of said album, I get this strong Nirvana feel which is epic, and on second thought it isn't even surprising since they used to cover Nirvana. They even have an album called 'Smells like Nirvana'. ;)

Album | Odor
Album | Relax

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  1. :O oh, nice. They are not half bad :P.

  2. what what! Half bad?! ;-; Anyway, me likeeeeeeee them. XD

  3. bah. :O you should put more entries in your blog *kick*