Instrumental Hip-Hop

I have been recently, partially also thanks to marroann, checking out a musical genre that I've been trying to avoid in the past years, because whenever I heard its utterances somewhere on MTV, or any other music channel for that matter, I felt disgusted, mainly because of the primitive and perverse lyrics that were floating along with the beats, destroying their sometimes beautiful nature, and not only that, but also the video accompaniment, where sex hungry female asses were shaking to the beats, big men with big glittery and golden chains hanging down their throat unto their XXXXL shirts, reaching their crotch which is thanks to the pants that hang one meter below normal body proportions somewhere on the ground, standing behind those huge asses shaking in the same rhythm -- all that was synonymous with hip-hop in my brain. No, I didn't bother much to check out whether there's also an indie, or classy scene among hip-hoppers. Yes, that's entirely the fault of my shallowness and laziness, but I think any decent hip-hoppers and producers will realise that they can also send partial thanks to all those fat and ugly, well-hung machos from the "Bronx" for that abominable reputation that is attributed to hip-hop, rap, and so on. 

I thought that good hip-hop and rap is DEAD thanks to those self-pitying golden-teethed beings with bodies full of bullet scars that is probably supposed to show how much they've suffered for being from the Ghetto. 
But look at that, it's NOT dead, and never was. It's just that it never received the attention it actually deserves. While mentally challenged hip-hop producers are monopolising the hip-hop industry with their bad taste, there are actually, in the shadows, people who are striving to bring out the best and most touching tunes out of their musical minds. Kudos to them! While I can't consider myself a hip-hop connaisseur, it seems that in the USA (music monopole) those talented and beautiful minds would have no chance at all, while in Japan their music has been greatly appreciated and promoted, outselling US productions. Thank You, dear Japan, for having given me the chance to meet fabulous tunes by Nujabes, NOMAK, Michita, Raujika, Tsunenori, Smooth-J, LEMS, Blazo, and many more!

Here a few tasters: 

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