SPEC - first episode impression

So, yesterday evening I finally managed to watch the first episode of SPEC, a Japanese mystery series about two detectives of opposite genders that are trying to unravel mysterious cases where seemingly unnatural powers are involved.SPEC poster
The first episode begins with the questioning of the main male character Sebumi, who was involved in a special police forces action, where a colleague died. Sebumi is being accused of having shot him, but of course Sebumi claims that this is not true, that the colleague Shibuma got shot by his own bullets. Of course, nobody believes him and thus he loses his elite position in the police and is moved to the disrespected section, the one that tries to solve unsolved “mysterious” crimes…
It’s pretty much entertaining, has a bit of a Conan flair to it. It really does seem promising, so lets hope that the second episode will be even better ;-)

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