Gidam or the scary marriage between the soul of a dead woman and a living man

Epitaph or A Strange Story (기담) is a film I always avoided because whenever I saw it somewhere it had this really bad poster that made me think that this is going to be just an other stupid horror flick, but surprisingly, no, I was wrong. The story tells three storylines that take place in 2-3 days interval, skipping back and forth, trying to, probably, confuse the viewers or to make it not so one dimensional and more interesting, and really it did its job.
Film PosterSynopsis
Dr. Park Jeong Nam receives an old photo album from a hospital where he used to work as an intern when he was still young. This album leads him to remember all the past events related to the given hospital. Having lost his parents at a young age he grew up in a foster family and his foster mother already decided upon her daughter’s and foster son’s future in matters of marriage. As soon as her daughter would be back from Japan they were supposed to marry, in the meantime Jeong Nam has to take care of a dead girl in the morgue who committed suicide with her boyfriend and whose body was completely frozen. Jeong Nam feels strangely attracted to the body, which would only mean his own demise.

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