Chicken Heart: a must watch

Iwano earns his money by letting drunk salarymen box with him for money, he's a so called punch bag. He has two strange friends, Asada, who is remodelling a yacht, stealing random things from strangers, while Maru, who is very superstitious has to get a new job because his family hat business is failing, his new job is to solicit bald men on the street to sell hairpieces, but of course there's a risk involved in this, that the potential customers could take this personal and attack him, which makes his job quite scary and unpleasant ignoring the fact that he only gets paid when he gets a contract signed. To put it short, their life is a complete mess.

Short Review:

This film is  very special in that, that it puts random things from life in a very humorous way forth. I had to laugh quite much because of some scenes. It's somehow an intelligent humour, you know, not the kind that makes you laugh because it's so stupid, no, this is more like it makes you laugh because it's so..intrinsic, so unclear but clear at the same time. You'll maybe realise it, too, once you watch it -- the scene with the cactus was quite ironic.

Absolutely recommended!

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